Controversial power saving tip: increasing refrigerator temperature!

10 October 2022

Recently, the Swiss Federal Council proposes for consumers to increase refrigerator temperatures from 5°C to 7°C. But what will that mean for food quality and safety? 

Revolutionary AI for food transport - Axino & Rieber CHECK CLOUD

5 September 2022

The solution determines the quality of food during transport with the help of Axino artificial intelligence, and monitors core temperature to the exact 0.5 °C.

It’s hot outside, how does that impact food quality?

19 August 2022

It happens to us all, a hot summer day and you open the door of a refrigerator and stand in the cool breeze for a sweet reprieve from the heat. But what does that mean for the food?

Efficient cooling for achieving sustainability goals

29 July 2022

Improving cooling efficiency is a huge opportunity for positive impact. Optimized refrigeration reduces food waste for zero hunger, improves energy efficiency, and positively impacts lives across the food-chain. 

Driving the Cold-Chain Revolution: Reduce food waste and cut energy costs with IoT

15 July 2022

Repost by Christian Boos (SAP)

Recently, Axino’s Chief Technology Officer, Ihab Hourani caught up with Christian Boos from SAP, and Stefan Schweiger from Bechtle Schweiz AG to discuss how smart technology supports the ‘cold-chain revolution’ for improved food quality and safety.

Robin Williamson joins as Chief Product Officer

30 June 2022

Momenta Executive Search

Robin will lead the product team in accelerating the smart retail and cold-chain platform, helping food retailers to digitize and automate food quality management process, comply with food safety regulations and reduce food waste.

Swiss Technology Fund

13 June 2022


Axino is proud to be a the newest portfolio company with the Swiss Technology Fund. The Technology Fund offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose novel products contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and has partnered with Axino to further sustainability impact. 

Customer Success Story - Bechtle Switzerland

20 May 2022

Bechtle Switzerland

Bechtle is largest IT Company in Germany and has a strong market share within the retail and healthcare industry. Recently, to expand on their IT offering, Bechtle has opened an Internet of Things (IoT) branch, partnering with Axino to further the connection of IT to a complete fully spectrum service offering for the healthcare industry.

Food Systems 4.0 - SFNV

6 May 2022

Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley

Food production and distribution is an ever important topic for sustainability, and impacts all aspects of the food chain.  The complexity of the food system is vulnerable to disruption and isn’t sustainable in the long haul. This is why digitalization, as part of Food Systems 4.0, helps to promote food system sustainability.

Axino Retail Solutions Technical Video

28 April 2022 – Repost

Fight Against Food Waste

8 April 2022

Almost 30% of food produced for Swiss consumption is either wasted or disposed of unnecessarily. To counter this, the Swiss government has launched an action plan to slash food waste by 50%, by 2030.

A cloud-based IoT approach for food safety and quality prediction

23 March 2021


LoRa-based sensors deploy provide real-time temperature data to meet food safety requirements and hundreds of thousands of savings a year

Semtech’s LoRa® Technology Integrated into Axino’s Smart Refrigeration Solutions

4 June 2019


LoRa-based sensors deploy provide real-time temperature data to meet food safety requirements and hundreds of thousands of savings a year

IoT solution helps grocery retailers remotely monitor temperature of perishables

For the first time, grocery retailers are able to remotely and non-invasively monitor the product temperature of perishable food in refrigerated equipment.