About us

Axino uses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. We simultaneously address two of the main drivers of climate change: fresh food and refrigeration.

Our patented method to calculate real core-temperature is a game changer and helps our customers to drastically improve their processes that ensure the quality and safety of their temperature sensitive products.

At Axino we believe that technology alone is not enough. Our solution has been built with industry leading practitioners from the field of quality and facility management. It is our target to understand our customers’ pain points and strategic priorities and configure our modular, robust and scalable solution and implementation processes to ensure we achieve set goals in an efficient and sustainable way.

The Axion team posing for a photo

Meet the team

Photograph of Thomas

Thomas Busin


Photograph of Ihab

Ihab Hourani

Founder & CRO

Photograph of Robin

Robin Williamson


Photograph of Matthias

Mattias Lüttgens

Senior Software Engineer

Photograph of Werner

Werner Balsiger

VP Connectivity

Photograph of Werner

Werner Kratz

Lead IoT Consultant

Photograph of James

James Williamson

Product Owner

Photograph of Jessica

Jessica Nuboer

Marketing & Communication

Photograph of Nicola

Nicola Galluccio


Photograph of Petros

Petros Chatzipetrou

Senior Software Engineer

Photograph of Yeray

Yeray Álvarez Romero

Senior Software Engineer

Photograph of Peter Leubner

Peter Leubner

Senior Database Engineer

Photograph of Roelof

Roelof Koopmanns


Photograph of Miroslav

Miroslav Kriz

Finance and Strategy

Photograph of Ken

Ken Forster

Board Director

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J-P Bardyn