Axino customers

"Temperature measurement with Axino gives my team and me a direct insight into the product quality in our points of sale. It's as if Axino gives our chilled food a voice. This solution makes the work of many Migros employees easier and offers consumers an immediate guarantee of food quality in real time"
Irina Huss | Quality manager
Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
"With the food inspector reports that the Axino system generates automatically, my employees no longer have to regularly check the cooler or product temperatures, leaving them more time for the most important thing: serving our customers. My staff are happy, I'm happy, and the Axino reports show the food inspector that we take food safety very seriously - all at a very low cost per cooler!"
Daniel Wehrli | Owner
Walter Buchmann AG
"With Axino, we have found a solution that has not only taken our temperature monitoring to the next level, but has also optimized our operational processes. The precise measurements and user-friendly operation make Axino an indispensable tool for our quality management. A reliable partner that we no longer want to do without."
Silvia Appert | Gastro Manager & Kitchen chef
Beck Roman AG
"Axino has proven to be a key technology for my store in view of the ever-increasing demands on food quality. Axino also reduces our workload: my employees hardly have to check refrigeration units any more. That leaves time for other tasks."
Urs Raimann | Head of City branch
Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
"Thanks to the new temperature monitoring solution we have succeeded in taking a decisive step in our digitalisation strategy. This greatly relieves the everyday workload of the nursing staff. Thanks to the coopaeration of Axino and Bechtle, we are using an environmentally friendly and sustainable technology with enormous potential. Thank you very much!"
Marc Patzen | Head of IT
Domicil Bern AG
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Selected customers

Axino empowers customers to reach their full potential

Axino partners

Axino partners with leading suppliers, research centres and organisations to drive LoRaWAN IoT innovation and adoption. Take a look at our proud partners and see how they’re assisting us in facilitating the Internet of Things.

Migros logo


Migros is Switzerland’s largest retail company, its largest supermarket chain and largest employer. It is also one of the forty largest retailers in the world. Migros is a strategic partner with Axino, spurring the development of Core Temperature technology.

Rieber meta cooking logo


Rieber is one of the leading providers of professional kitchen components and kitchen components at home. Quality is a top priority for Rieber which is why all of their products are exclusively made in Germany by their own company, with their many years of production expertise and our core competence in stainless steel workmanship since 1925. Their aim is not to offer their customers individual products but instead individual standard and system solutions.

GIF highlighting the relationship between Rieber and Axino
Bechtle logo


Bechtle Switzerland has developed a new managed service (powered by Axino) and markets the solution directly to customers in the health and medical sectors (hospitals, retirement homes, etc.). The Domizil retirement home chain with 23 locations were put into operation.

SAP logo


Axino is an official partner of SAP. Axino integrates with SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). A combined offering from SAP and Axino for the retail market is currently being developed.

IBM food trust logo

IBM Food Trust

IBM Food Trust™, built on blockchain, benefits all network participants with a safer, smarter, and more sustainable food ecosystem. The digitization of transactions and data provides a more efficient way of working across the supply chain, including growers, processors, shippers, retailers, regulators, and consumers.

Momenta logo


Momenta is the leading Digital Industry venture capital + value creation firm, accelerating entrepreneurs and leaders devoted to the digitization of energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and supply chains. Since 2012, their team of deep industry operators have made over 120 investments in entrepreneurs and helped scale over 150 industry leaders via their award-winning executive search and strategic advisory practices.

LoRa alliance logo

LoRa Alliance

Axino is a member of the LoRa Alliance, an open, non-profit association of members that is driving the adoption of LoRaWAN as a global open standard for LPWAN to enable Internet of Things technology, across many sectors including enabling food quality & freshness.

Swisscom logo


Our solution uses Swisscom's reliable and scalable IoT network.

Unitronic logo


UNITRONIC GmbH invokes over 50 years of experience in the development of innovative future technologies for a healthier and sustainable environment. With our three divisions “Electronics”, “Electric” and “Radon” Unitronic supports their customers with innovative products and solutions in the fields of sensor technology and communication.

Multitech logo


MultiTech are the leaders in designing, manufacturing and providing communication equipment for the industrial Internet of Things. Our partnership with MultiTech allow us to deploy robust and scalable IoT solutions.

Semtech logo


Semtech is a leading supplier in innovative technologies for advanced communications, wireless and sensing products. Their unique LoRa technology underpins our solutions and enables IoT applications to flourish.

HEM's logo

Hem Retail

Implements technology for operational quality in the retail sector. Hem create customized solutions to manage facilities that require specific temperatures to ensure product quality. ES: Implantando tecnología para la calidad operativa. Creamos soluciones a la medida para administrar instalaciones que requieran temperaturas específicas para asegurar la calidad de producto.

ZHAW logo

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Together with Zürich University of Applied Sciences, Migros Zürich, and Axino. We developed a novel IoT approach in the framework, to provide a robust, reliable and cost-effective method for real-time monitoring of core temperatures of food products in various types of coolers employed in MIGROS shops. ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences concentrates on important societal challenges, with a particular focus on energy and social integration.

Technology fund logo

Swiss Government Technology Fund

Axino joined the Technology Fund portfolio, which currently includes 119 innovative Swiss companies that make a valuable contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the CO2 Act. The Fund currently has a total of CHF 350 million available to grant as loan guarantees.