What does ‘Healthy to the core’ mean to Axino?

‘Healthy to the core’ means that food stays healthy at the core, which is exactly what Axino’s solution ensures.

I would like to explain ‘Healthy to the core’ to you with an example:

When you buy a yoghurt, you want to be sure that the yoghurt has the right (storage) temperature. As we all know: Food that is not at the right (storage) temperature will spoil and quickly become unhealthy. However, the temperature of the yoghurt pot is just as irrelevant to our health as the temperature in the refrigerator – after all, we don’t eat that.

The temperature of the actual yoghurt is called the core temperature of the product. This is the temperature inside the product and it is crucial for the product’s shelf life – unlike the temperature of the packaging or the temperature of the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, in most cases it is not the core temperature that is measured, but that of the refrigerator. You are probably wondering: Why?

Methods used so far

To measure the core temperature exactly, there is only one globally recognised method: you probe the yoghurt (food) with a thermometer. This is exactly how food inspectors do it. However, the disadvantages of probing are obvious:

  1. Despite the effort involved, only a small sample of the products can be tested.
  2. The measurements can be very inaccurate, depending on the execution. After all, we are not all trained food inspectors.
  3. The tested products are often thrown away. Would you buy a yoghurt with a hole in the lid?

The solution: measure core temperature without probing

There is a solution: Axino. Axino has worked closely with a Swiss university of applied sciences, Migros, and food inspectors to determine a scientifically sound method for calculating core temperature. These scientific findings are the basis of Axino’s solution, which makes it possible to measure the core temperature of food without probing it.

How Axino's method works

Axino’s patented method calculates the core temperature of products in real time, based on 3 values:

  1. The ambient temperature in the cooler
  2. The product group (meat, fish, dairy… liquid or solid…)
  3. The type of cooler (open or closed, counter, cabinet, chest…)

Why product group?

Minced meat, fish, or lettuce react very differently to changes in ambient temperature due to their water content, surface texture, and packaging. Their risk profile for our health in the event of spoilage is also different.

This makes Axino the only method in the world that can check core temperature in real time without having to probe into the products. That’s why at Axino we talk about food that is healthy to the core.

Mario Vögeli

Mario Vögeli

Mario is the CEO of Axino. He and his team make sure that their food stays healthy to its core. Mario enjoys spending his free time in nature with his family.