Temperature control with Axino at Apotheke Belp AG

“Together with my team, I can contribute to the health of the population,” says Samuel Lavanchy, owner and managing director of Apotheke Belp AG. The pharmacy at Dorfstrasse 26 in Belp offers customers a wide range of services (including a home delivery service, see box below) and a comprehensive and varied range of goods. Customers also receive advice on health issues on site.

Samuel Lavanchy von der Apotheke Belp AG
Samuel Lavanchy of Apotheke Belp AG
Axino-Sensor in den Räumlichkeiten der Apotheke Belp
Axino sensor on the premises of the Belp pharmacy

Air and core temperature must be right

“In order to provide our customers with the best possible care, the quality of the medication plays a crucial role,” says Samuel Lavanchy. In addition to purchasing from the best suppliers, the correct storage of the medicines is crucial. “The core temperature of our products must be just as right as the air temperature in the premises.” To achieve this goal, Samuel Lavanchy has been relying on the Axino solution for more than a year.

Axino sensors in the drawers of the Belp pharmacy

6 sensors are used in the Belp pharmacy. Some are located in the medicine drawers behind the cash register. Others are installed in the cooler, which is also used to store medicines produced in-house. Still other Axino sensors are located in the medicine store on the lower floor or measure the temperature in the premises.

Temperaturkontrolle mit Axino bei den Medikamenten
Temperature control for the medication with Axino
Axino-Sensor in der Medikamentenschublade der Apotheke Belp
Axino sensor in the medicine drawer at Apotheke Belp

Notifications & reports directly via the Axino app

The Axino team has set the right temperature range for each sensor. “If the temperature rises or falls too much, the employees are informed immediately via the Axino app and can adjust the cooler temperature if necessary,” says the pharmacy owner.

Sitting at the computer, Samuel Lavanchy shows the reports in the Axino app: “I finally have a database and can create reports for the individual sensors at the touch of a button. That’s very helpful – especially for checks.”

Samuel Lavanchy liest den Bericht der Axino-App am Computer
Samuel Lavanchy reads the Axino app report on the computer
Die Apotheke Belp AG benutzt die Axino-App
Apotheke Belp AG uses the Axino app

The Axino report also shows what type of measurement is used: “The 3-point measurement complies with the specifications of the authorities and our quality management system in the pharmacy,” says Lavanchy.

The certificate of analysis for the Axino sensors is particularly important to the pharmacy professional: “It proves that every single Axino sensor is calibrated and provides reliable data – a cool thing.”

Details zum Axino-App-Bericht des Temperaturbereichs für die Lagerung der Medikamente
Details of the Axino app report of the temperature range for storing medication

Manual weekly records are a thing of the past

The new technology also reduces the workload for the Belp pharmacy team: “We no longer have to check the temperatures at a specific time every day,” he says. Previously, a weekly record was made, which was evaluated manually. “The employees are happy because they have more time for other tasks in the pharmacy and can look after our customers even better.”

Blumenherz - zu finden in der Apotheke Belp
Flower hearts and other gift ideas can be found in the Belp pharmacy
ApothekerInnen und DrogistInnen haben mehr Zeit für das Wesentlich, dank Axino
Pharmacists and chemists have more time for the essentials, thanks to Axino

Axino solution also recommended for pharmacies

Samuel Lavanchy would also recommend the Axino solution to other pharmacists: “Security is guaranteed, the team is relieved and I have a database for reports. In my opinion, pharmacies should definitely look into Axino.”


Apotheke Belp offers a wide range of services (home delivery service, ordering service, rental items), an attractive information and health sector (travel advice, health cushions, vaccinations and vaccination advice, analyses, support and compression stockings) as well as a comprehensive and varied range of goods with medicines from allopathy, homeopathy, phytotherapy, spagyric medicine as well as cosmetics, dietetics, wellness and daily care items. There are also veterinary articles for cats and dogs as well as an attractive gift boutique with many carefully selected and presented gift ideas for the little souvenir.


Axino is the world’s only automated solution for healthy food in the retail trade. Axino measures the core temperature of your chilled food with the precision of Swiss clockwork: 288 times a day. Users are automatically notified in the Axino app if the temperature in the cooler is no longer correct – allowing them to react immediately. Axino was founded in 2016. The company has offices in Zurich and Solothurn. Read more about the Axino solution here.