It’s hot outside, how does that impact food quality?

It happens to us all, a hot summer day and you open the door of a refrigerator and stand in the cool breeze for a sweet reprieve from the heat. But what does that mean for the food? Coolers will keep pumping cold air as long as the air temperature is warmer than the set thresholds. And that’s okay, right?

Besides the obvious energy losses, we can’t really know when food quality starts to deteriorate when cooler doors are left open. Or can we?

Key metric for freshness 

Air temperature can fluctuate rapidly but changes to the foods core temperature (the key measurement for freshness) depend also on the type of food and the type of cooler. Simply put: Fresh Sushi go to waste much quicker in a small open presentation cooler than cured ham in a large closed refrigerator. 

Core Temperature for Precision Food Insights  

In the end we would have to taste the food to know if it is still safe to eat. And its no different for grocers as their employees have to walk the stores several times a day to manually check the coolers for correct functionality and spot-check certain critical products (like fish) core temperature. They don’t taste the food but check it with handheld thermometers to measure its surface and core temperature. 

To help us and our grocers make this process more efficient and precise, Axino has developed a unique method to monitor the core temperature for all food groups. Touch-less. Non-stop. It’s like magic – as if the food had a voice. This enables us and our grocers to make smart decisions for optimal cooling and food freshness. 

Quick installation, hands-free monitoring 

Axino’s LoRa-based temperature sensors quickly deploy into existing refrigeration infrastructure. Installation requires placing the magnetic back of the sensor inside a cooler, there’s no external wiring.  

The solutions core-temperature calculation is accurate to one degree Celsius for all types of coolers and food categories.  

Real-time data evaluation help prolonging food shelf life, optimize store processes and reduce energy consumption. All of which put money back in the pocket of us and our grocers.   

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Mario Vögeli

Mario Vögeli

Mario is the CEO of Axino. He and his team make sure that their food stays healthy to its core. Mario enjoys spending his free time in nature with his family.