Beck Roman in Canton Schwyz uses Axino for Core Temperature Control

Every loaf of bread is made by hand

Founded in 2006 with one bakery, Beck Roman can now be found at three locations in the canton of Schwyz: In Ibach, Rickenbach and Seewen, where the baked goods are also produced. The company has grown steadily over the last few years under the management of Roman Lüönd and Ivan Schmidig. Today, in addition to the bakeries, there is also a patisserie, a confectionery and a restaurant. As in the past, every loaf of bread is made by hand.

Filiale und Produktion von Beck Roman in Seewen
Location and factory for Beck Roman in Seewen

With the new business branches, new products were added. Today, the wide range of products extends from baked goods to “Cremeschnitten”, “Vogelnester”, “Meitschibei” and “Fastnachtskrapfen” to vegetables and meats for sandwiches. The different foods have to be cooled in different ways. Beck Roman has 21 refrigerators in use across all its locations.

"We used to read the temperature by hand"

“We used to read the temperature of our coolers by hand and write it down on a list – as is customary in the catering industry,” says Silvia Appert, who is the catering manager at Beck Roman. As this involved a great deal of effort on the part of the employees at the various locations, a new solution had to be found.

Die Axino-Lösung kommt auch bei Torten zum Einsatz
The Axino solution is also used for baked goods
Kontrolle über die Kerntemperatur im Kühlraum dank Axino
Core temperature control in the cooler room thanks to Axino

Silvia discovered the automatic core temperature control with Axino through a personal connection. Beck Roman has been working with the Axino solution since December 2023. Whether in the branch in Ibach, the branch in Seewen with bistro or in production: Axino sensors monitor the core temperature in all 21 Beck Roman refrigerators.

"The Axino solution gives us peace of mind"

Silvia Appert is delighted with Axino: “The Axino solution gives us peace of mind”. She still looks at the temperature displays herself out of habit, but it’s good to know that Axino checks the core temperature of the Beck-Roman products 24 hours a day. If there is a deviation, Silvia is automatically informed by the Axino app and can react immediately.

Robin von Axino und Silvia von Beck Roman im Gespräch über die Axino-App.
Robin from Axino and Silvia from Beck Roman in discussions about the Axino app

Silvia can also use the app to view the core temperature in the various coolers around the clock. “When I’m in the store in Ibach, I can check the temperature of the coolers in Seewen in the app. That’s practical.”

Axino offers her even more advantages: “I receive a monthly report in the Axino app and can see exactly how our coolers have performed”. This is particularly helpful when the food inspector visits. With the Axino solution, you have a data-based foundation with which you can immediately explain what has happened in the event of an incident.

Different cooling units - one solution

Beck Roman uses different types of cooling appliances. From walk-in freezers in production to refrigerated drawers in the stores and patisserie counters that are only cooled from below. “The cool thing about the Axino solution is that you can adjust it precisely for every type of cooler,” says Silvia Appert about her experience with Axino.

Die Lösung von Axino kontrolliert auch hier die Kerntemperatur
The solution from Axino also controls the core temperature here

It may take a little time at first, but it pays off. “I no longer have any gaps in the core temperature control of our products and I know that we only sell the best quality to our customer”, says Silvia Appert.

I recommend Axino to all companies that refrigerate food

After a test phase, Silvia Appert is convinced: “I recommend Axino to all businesses that have refrigerated products.” In addition to the functionality, the price/performance ratio is also fair. “Axino pays off for us because, thanks to the seamless measurement, we can act immediately in the event of a refrigeration or freezing problem and therefore have to dispose of fewer products.”

Only time will tell whether the Axino solution will also pay off in terms of lower electricity costs.

“We have already been able to adjust some of our coolers so that they cool less. If we also have a lower electricity bill at the end of the year thanks to Axino, that would be the icing on the cake,” says Silvia Appert.

Silvia hinter der Theke von Beck Roman in Seewen
Silvia behind the counter of Beck Roman in Seewen


Beck Roman has been spoiling its customers with fresh delicacies from the bakery every day since 2006. To ensure optimum quality, Beck Roman avoids any artificial additives and produces on a purely natural basis. Beck Roman has three bakery branches in Ibach, Rickenbach and Seewen. The third location also houses a bistro as well as the production facility with the bakery, patisserie, production kitchen and confectionery.


Axino is the world’s only automated solution for healthy food in the retail trade. Axino measures the core temperature of your chilled food with the precision of Swiss clockwork: 288 times a day. Users are automatically notified in the Axino app if the temperature in the cooler is no longer correct – allowing them to react immediately. Axino was founded in 2016. The company has offices in Zurich and Solothurn. Read more about the Axino solution here.

Mario Vögeli

Mario Vögeli

Mario is the CEO of Axino. He and his team make sure that their food stays healthy to its core. Mario enjoys spending his free time in nature with his family.