Axino saves energy

Refrigerators consume a lot of electricity. According to a recent DOK programme by Swiss television (“Cooling, refrigeration, climate protection – New opportunities for the environment”, Link in German), in Germany alone they consume 17% of the country’s total electricity demand.

The DOK programme says that new appliances could save around 30% of energy worldwide. However, buying new refrigerators is a costly affair. Not every baker, butcher or grocer has the money for a new purchase.

Luckily, there is a way to save a lot of electricity even with existing appliances: Axino.

Axino measures core temperature 288 times a day

Axino has developed a unique solution in Switzerland that measures core temperature 288 times a day. Axino automatically notifies the operator of refrigeration appliances if the food is too hot or too cold. This allows refrigerator operators to react immediately and adjust the temperature. Therefore, with Axino it is possible to optimise the temperature of existing refrigeration appliances.

Cooling systems are on average set 2°C too cold

Axino’s empirical values show that food refrigeration systems are on average set 2°C too cold. This corresponds to an electricity saving potential of approximately 10%. With Axino, operators can set their refrigeration equipment to consume much less electricity. Less electricity means lower costs and less impact on the planet.

The refrigeration systems are set too cold for a good reason: We all want to consume food that is healthy to its core. With Axino’s solution, operators set their refrigeration units optimally, save electricity, protect the environment and most importantly: their food remains healthy to its core.

A fridge that is set too cold