Food safety and inspection HACCP compliance with Axino

Respect food safety regulations with the Axino Solution

Without prior warning, a food inspector may enter a supermarket at any time to inspect the quality systems in place and measure the core temperature of various food groups. The store manager then anxiously waits for the results of the inspection. Typically, the inspector finds that some of the food items are out of compliance range, which causes them to expect that food quality has been compromised. As a result, a high fine is usually on the way.

With Axino, store managers can be worry free, knowing that they have full visibility, trust, and confidence that food stays healthy to the core and meets regulatory standards.

With Axino’s core temperature solution, product temperature data is calibrated for all food groups. And when core temperature reaches the set high or low temperature threshold for any particular food group, an alarm is sent to the store manager to address the issue. This minimises food waste, maintains food quality and safety, and saves grocers unnecessary expenses from preventable fines.

Instead of budgeting for food quality fines, invest in a system that can help prevent them all together.

Prevent hefty fines, and ensure quality and safety compliance with Automated Core Temperature by Axino.

A food inspector and a chef standing by a fridge
Ihab Hourani

Ihab Hourani