Power outages: impact on food waste, insurance risks and how Axino prevents them

Power outages and their impact on food waste and insurance

The risk of power outages is increasing as a result of the current energy crisis. Consumers wonder how long their food will remain fresh and edible, but retailers must act immediately to prevent unnecessary food waste.

Imagine the power comes back on after 4 hours, and a store manager must make an educated decision on food quality and safety. This is possible thanks to Axino’s core temperature solution. With it, the retailer can decide to either remove the impacted food groups, or keep them in stock if the core temperature has not gone outside the compliance range.

How Axino mitigates the risks of blackouts

Food waste insurance coverage is a way retailers protect themselves from the risks of prolonged power outages, equipment breakdowns, or mechanical failures. But insurance coverage comes at a cost.

Axino reduces the risk of food waste by determining the relevant core temperature thresholds, 24/7. This helps retailers to make effective decisions minimising the cost of food waste, and mitigating the risks of blackouts and mechanical failures. It helps them keep their products healthy to the core. 

Using the Axino Solution is a win-win situation for both retailers and insurers:

  • Retailers can negotiate better conditions for their food waste
  • Insurers experience a reduction in payout for unused food waste instances

"Integrating Axino's core temperature solution can help you save on insurance policy with automated food monitoring systems "

A supermarket that has had a power outage. Food is melted and spread across the floor.
Ihab Hourani

Ihab Hourani