Monitoring of ice cream refrigeration assets in the field

Ensuring brand quality and gaining sales insights with automated remote core temperature monitoring

When summer rolls around, we all love fresh cold and creamy ice cream. Ice cream brands know this and invest millions of dollars to ensure competitive placement for consumers, with strategically placed ice cream coolers at convenience stores. These freezers are placed at the shop for brand promotion , and rent is paid to shop owners for locating at their store. However, ice cream brands have very little insight into the usage of these freezers, ice cream quality, and even store location sales.

For instance, if a store manager turns off the electricity at night, this causes the ice cream to melt, and refreeze when the cooler is turned back on. This changes the structure of the ice cream and ruins the quality and experience. With Axino Core Temperature Intelligence, alerting can be set to store managers that the product temperature has fluctuated outside the set thresholds, or also identify issues with cooler assets.

Insights into store sales

Additionally, ice cream brands don’t have insights into the store sales for any particular location, as purchasing distribution is a centralized process. Marketing departments may be able to derive some indication of location performance if they look into the fluctuations of product core temperature within the freezers.

With Axino Core Temperature Intelligence, brands can know what is happening to ice cream quality and derive insights into sales for placement and marketing strategies. This allows brands to optimize refrigeration information with access to improved location and status data from remote refrigeration assets. Axinos IoT Core Temperature sensors enable remote monitoring of refrigeration assets, and the core temperature of the food within – no matter their location.

Food Quality Assurance

Axino Core Temperature sensors, measures the core of the food product, ensuring that food quality is maintained, benefiting brand experience and perception, building brand loyalty.

Indicative of cooler use (open and closing of the doors). By having insights into the usage and product core temperature, ice cream brands can take a more proactive approach to their distribution strategies. They can identify which locations are performing well and which ones need improvement and adjust accordingly.

That’s why Axino Core Temperature Intelligence  can provide ice cream brands with valuable insights into the usage and temperature of their branded freezers at convenience stores. This information can help them to ensure the quality of their products and adjust their placement strategies as needed. With core temperature data, ice cream brands can take a more proactive approach to their distribution, ensuring that they are providing the best experience for their customers.

Mario Vögeli

Mario Vögeli

Mario is the CEO of Axino. He and his team make sure that their food stays healthy to its core. Mario enjoys spending his free time in nature with his family.