Fight Against Food Waste

The Swiss government launches action: Fight Against Food Waste

Almost 30% of food produced for Swiss consumption is either wasted or disposed of unnecessarily. This amounts to nearly 330 kg food waste, per person, per year! To address this, the Swiss government has launched an action plan to slash food waste by 50%, by 2030.

Food waste is apparent in today’s day and age, where consumers are demanding fresher food, which requires more cooling space. This increases energy requirements and ultimately calls into question our sustainability efforts.

That’s one problem where Axino can help with!

We partnered with market leading grocers and developed a solution that automatically monitors the key data point for food quality, the core temperature of the food. This we do contactless – i.e without creating food waste by the quality process itself. Additionally our real-time alarming helps grocers make fast and accurate decisions in case a refrigerator door is left open for too long, or if a power outage occurs. Events that can put at risk the food quality and potentially result in massive amounts of food waste!

Grocers can reduce food waste with Axino with

  • Contactless measurement
  • Realtime alarming
  • Core Temperature algorithms for all food groups

With easy to install wireless IoT sensors, grocers can start collecting data and get actionable insights for any cooler in minutes. It’s smart technology to help grocers made decisions based on real-time data.


Be Cool, Stay Fresh – Axino

Axino combines IoT sensor technology with patented AI algorithms to ensure freshness while reducing energy consumption. By digitizing and automating quality management process, we take the guess work out of food safety (HACCP) compliance. Learn more at

Mario Vögeli

Mario Vögeli

Mario is the CEO of Axino. He and his team make sure that their food stays healthy to its core. Mario enjoys spending his free time in nature with his family.