More insights with Axino

Get more insights with Axino to make the right decisions for your food business

Do you work in food retail? Then you know how important and sometimes difficult it can be to fulfil legal requirements. Legal requirements are good: They help us to keep our food products healthy, which ultimately guarantees customer satisfaction (and incidentally increases sales).

Healthy to the core food as the key to success

Your success as an entrepreneur in the food market therefore depends significantly on how well you know your business. The following moments are crucial for healthy food:

  1. The daily quality control of food in retail.
  2. The moment goods are received, e.g. from suppliers.
  3. The performance of your refrigeration units in which the food is stored.

Quality assurance

Until now, your employees have had to measure the core temperature manually at these times. The fact is that manual processes are prone to human error and are inconsistent. Wouldn’t it be a great if this could be done automatically and always with the same quality?

Automated processes

That’s why leading companies in the food industry work with Axino. The Axino solution provides unbiased and automated insights at every moment. With Axino, you have full control over the core temperature of your products and can make the right business decisions, such as buying new coolers or switching suppliers.

Insights with Axino

Do you want to stop guessing and get real insights to make informed business decisions for your organisation? Then contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Ihab Hourani

Ihab Hourani