Food that is healthy to the core sells better

Be sure that food bought at the store, stays healthy to the core

We’ve all done it, we go to do our grocery shopping and plan out our meals for the coming days. So imagine when a customer buys their favourite fresh foods at their local grocery store planning to cook that evening, but after a long day, they stop by the pizza place around the corner. The steak will have to wait until tomorrow.

The following day, when preparing the steak dinner, the colour and quality of the steak looks off; it’s not as fresh as it was yesterday when it was purchased. Frustrated, the customer considers shopping at a completely different grocery store – resulting in a negative impact on customer experience and loyalty.

With Axino, food stays healthy to the core and sells better

The Axino solution systematically identifies and gives users the ability to address the root causes of food quality problems due to cooling, for instance by overfilling of a cooler or by improving defrost cycle configuration.

According to a McKinsey study, the impact of using such an approach is almost immediate: at one European food retailer, sales of food that are healthy to the core rose by as much as 24% in certain categories, and customer satisfaction and loyalty increased dramatically.

Make sure your food stays healthy to the core with Axino! 

A couple walking down a supermarket isle
Ihab Hourani

Ihab Hourani