Healthy to the CORE

Trust Axino's automatic temperature monitoring solution to

Avoid product loss

Pass inspection successfully

Ensure quality and customer satisfaction

Reduce your
CO2 footprint

A yogurt model showing Axino's core temperature measurement versus other's air temperature measurement

Make decisions based on the temperature in the core of your products,

not the air around them

The only method worldwide for calculating product specific core temperature in real time and without probing

Icon representing core temperature

Core temperature

The temperature of the yoghurt you eat. Not the temperature of its packaging or the cooler.

Icon representing no probing needed

No probing needed

Measure the core temperature without manual probing. The product (yoghurt) stays intact and can still be sold. No food waste.

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288 measurements a day

Axino measures every 5 Minutes - almost in real time. The best quality of your products is guaranteed.

Why use core temperature?




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Your quality standards are our core business

Products that are healthy to the core has the following advantages for your business

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Axino saves money

Zero food waste, lower power consumption and motivated employees – these all save you money. Thanks to Axino, you have more money in the cash register at the end of the month. And let's not get started on the nerves you saved.

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Axino reduces the workload of your team

Gone are the days when your employees had to kneel several times a day to read the temperature of all coolers. Axino takes this work off their hands, freeing them from this tedious task and keeping them more motivated and productive.

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Axino saves electricity

With Axino, you can set your cooling devices so that they consume less electricity. Less electricity means lower costs, which in turn has a positive effect on your bottom line.

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Axino reduces waste

Foods that are healthy to the core have a longer shelf life, reducing the need to discard them. Zero food waste not only has a positive effect on your energy balance (and that of the planet) but is also good for your wallet.

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Axino minimizes your business risk

By informing you about temperature changes in time, you can act in time. This keeps your food healthy and ensures your quality standards are met.

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Axino is there to help you

Quality problems and cooling technology can be very costly and time consuming. This does not have to be the case. With our vast experience, we are happy to help you find efficient solutions.

Automatic. Practical. Reliable. That is Axino.

Axino is automatic

Gone are the days when your employees had to check the temperature of the food several times a day. Axino measures the core temperature of your food automatically. 288 times a day. 7 days a week.

Axino is practical

Unpack the Axino sensor, place it in the cooler, and start the app. Axino does the rest. To use Axino, you don’t need to be a technician or a computer scientist. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and an Axino sensor.

Axino is reliable

You can always rely on Axino. If you don’t hear from Axino, you know that your food is perfectly healthy. Axino informs you immediately if your food is too hot or too cold. You can react immediately if something is wrong – and otherwise concentrate on your core business.

An Axino sensor in front of the Axino app running on a tablet
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Daily active users
0 M
Daily measurements taken
Actions taken
Food waste events prevented
0 °
Degrees celsius reduction potential found *
Energy savings potential found (per year) **
Temperature check hours saved ***
Value of sold food not wasted
* Freezers: potential on average 5°C (set to -19°C), Coolers: potential on average 2°C (setting at +5°C; beverages at +9°C, fresh fish +2°C), Based on effective measurement data
** 27 kwH / Year / 1 Degree °C, 20Rp/kwH, Based on effective measurement data
*** 30 Min per store per day

We offer solutions for these sectors

Woman picking an item from a supermarket cooler


We efficiently monitor all sizes of retail stores and devices of all brands, types and age. Warm, cooled, or frozen.

A chef pouring olive oil over a salad

Food services

Restaurants and home-delivery. Our versatile and easy to use system can be adapted to your specific requirements.

A man wearing gloves pulling medicine out of a cooler


Free time for patient care by automating quality assurance task by monitoring your medical supplies using our certified sensors.

Hear what our customers have to say

"Temperature measurement with Axino gives my team and me a direct insight into the product quality in our points of sale. It's as if Axino gives our chilled food a voice. This solution makes the work of many Migros employees easier and offers consumers an immediate guarantee of food quality in real time"
Irina Huss | Quality manager
Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
"With the food inspector reports that the Axino system generates automatically, my employees no longer have to regularly check the cooler or product temperatures, leaving them more time for the most important thing: serving our customers. My staff are happy, I'm happy, and the Axino reports show the food inspector that we take food safety very seriously - all at a very low cost per cooler!"
Daniel Wehrli | Owner
Walter Buchmann AG
"With Axino, we have found a solution that has not only taken our temperature monitoring to the next level, but has also optimized our operational processes. The precise measurements and user-friendly operation make Axino an indispensable tool for our quality management. A reliable partner that we no longer want to do without."
Silvia Appert | Gastro Manager & Kitchen chef
Beck Roman AG
"Axino has proven to be a key technology for my store in view of the ever-increasing demands on food quality. Axino also reduces our workload: my employees hardly have to check refrigeration units any more. That leaves time for other tasks."
Urs Raimann | Head of City branch
Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
"Thanks to the new temperature monitoring solution we have succeeded in taking a decisive step in our digitalisation strategy. This greatly relieves the everyday workload of the nursing staff. Thanks to the coopaeration of Axino and Bechtle, we are using an environmentally friendly and sustainable technology with enormous potential. Thank you very much!"
Marc Patzen | Head of IT
Domicil Bern AG
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