Axino provides retailers with a sustainable way to ensure product safety and save money on food waste, energy, and workload costs

Simple setup, powerful insights

An incredibly powerful system using a sensor anyone can setup

Save up to CHF 20,000 per year, per location!

What can Axino do for you?

Eliminate workload for quality checks and reduce fines

Stop worrying about safety checks. Let sensors do the QA work and free your team to serve customers​

Save energy and maintenance costs

Be sure your equipment performs at optimal levels. ​1°C can save you 5% in energy costs

Reduce waste

Protect inventory if equipment breaks or power supply fails​

Stop quality loss

Increase brand loyalty and sales with secured product quality ​

Take a look at how we do it

Reduce food waste due to power outages

ROI calculator

Calculate the ROI our industry leading solution can provide your firm

What if food had a voice?

Quality problems are more frequent than one might think. They are usually hidden and cost-reducing measures are difficult to implement. At least until now...

Reliable Swiss precision

Axino’s solution combines Swiss precision measurements with cutting-edge Algorithms

5+ years of research

Developed in close collaboration with Switzerland’s largest retailer, a leading research institute and supported by the Swiss Government Technology Fund

Core temperature - a revolution

We go way beyond ambient air temperature, by providing the actual core temperature of products without having to touch or stick a needle into them

A unique and patented method

Monitor with unique accuracy and reliablity using our patented method of sensors and algorithms to ensure the safety of your products and efficiency of your processes

We offer solutions for these sectors


We efficiently monitor all sizes of retail stores and devices of all brands, types and age. Warm, cooled, or frozen.

Food services

Restaurants and home-delivery. Our versatile and easy to use system can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Food logistics

Always know the status and location of your products along the supply chain. Be sure you receive your products in perfect condition.


Free time for patient care by automating quality assurance task by monitoring your medical supplies using our certified sensors.

Sustainability: It’s more than just a word to us

Learn about how Axino is a truly sustainable product that can help cut down on CO2 emissions and energy usage

Cut CO2 emissions

Growing demand for fresh food is a major driver of climate change. Improving shelf live and reducing food waste using data-driven insights will supercharge your efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Reduce energy usage

Due to missing data, we cool more than necessary. Axino enables its customers to optimize storage temperatures to the actual needs of the products. On average you can reduce cooling by 2°C which saves around 10% of energy.

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